SWELL is an “umbrella” organization that helps all New Hampshire Seacoast liberty lovers, both new and old timers, find connections with each other and with existing liberty organizations, and helps liberty organizations find members and participants.

The Free State Project is charged with finding and enticing people to move to the Free State.  However, once in the Free State, movers are largely on their own: to find friends, community, liberty groups, projects, and activities. This can be daunting, and some people never really get connected.  

SWELL serves any new mover that the FSP convinces to move here, especially those who move to the Seacoast.  This includes greeting newcomers and reaching out to old timers to encourage them to reconnect; alerting them to the current breadth of activities and liberty groups; helping them create new groups and new activities to share with the liberty community.  We also serve as helpers of the FSP in convincing potential movers of the excellent warmth of our welcome that new movers will enjoy should they choose the Seacoast as their home.

Who We Are

A subset of active Seacoast liberty lovers form “The SWELL-Coming Committee” as the proactive energy behind SWELL.  They find, promote, and maintain ways to welcome, inform, and support all liberty lovers who live in the Seacoast region.

The Committee also establishes links with existing liberty groups to support those groups’ efforts to expand membership and to offer programming for Seacoast.

The SWELLcoming Committee is formed by the friendliest, most welcoming, most active individuals we know on the Seacoast — those who are most dedicated to making the Seacoast a welcoming place for all freedom lovers.  They have demonstrated a willingness to organize inclusive and supportive welcoming liberty events.

The SWELL-Coming Committee does not promote any particular group, path, or activity, but helps new and old movers find out about all the paths, groups, and activities available to them as a liberty lover livin’ on the Seacoast.

Our Goals

Our goal is to play well with all liberty organizations.  We want to direct SWELL participants to any organization that might support their individual needs, and we want organizations to offer introductory and advanced events, programs and resources to all SWELL participants.