The Rollinsford Rucks take place every Sunday, except the third Sunday of each month, in Rollinsford, NH. (On the third Sunday of each month, we do the Garnet School ruck in Candia, NH.)

Start/Finish: Rollinsford NH, SHELL Parking Lot

Distance: 5 Miles -or- 2.5 Miles & Adaptable to all fitness levels

1:15 P.M.: Suggested Arrival Time – Warmup/Workout

1:30 P.M. Sharp: Ruck Departs

4:30-4:45 P.M.: Ruck Finishes

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Rain, Snow, or Shine; Rucking Rollinsford will be Divine!

Monthly Ruck Schedule

  • First Sunday of the month, we do the Rollinsford Regular Ruck.
  • Second Sunday of the month, we do the Rollinsford Rubbish Ruck, and pick up trash as we ruck.
  • Third Sunday of the month, we do not host a ruck in Rollinsford, instead some of us attend the ruck at the Garnet School in Candia, NH.
  • Fourth Sunday of the month, we do the Rollinsford Readiness Ruck: Preparedness themed we will be practicing and sharing some skills and knowledge! If you have any to share please come prepared to do so, otherwise come ready and willing to learn something new!
  • Fifth Sunday, when a month has it, we hold the Rollinsford Ridiculous Ruck: come to have fun, you can wear a costume, play music, play games, get Ruckdiculous!


None: Everything is currently on-schedule.

What is a ruck?

Rucking is the act of walking with weight on your back. It’s a low impact exercise based on military training workouts that improves cardio, strength, endurance, and character. This is a challenge by choice event, go as heavy or as far as you’re enthusiastic about. Whether you come for camaraderie or to test your meddle, as long as you come in peace, you’re welcome!

To accommodate all participants we have a considerably slow pace, if you have a higher fitness level make sure to carry enough weight in your ruck to appropriately handicap yourself so you aren’t bored, that’s the beauty of rucking!

I don’t care what you’re carrying in your ruck all I care is that you come out to have a great time, even if you come out just for a walk and camaraderie you beat the version of yourself that sat on the couch that day!

Hosted by Michael Rohan and the Merrimack Valley Rucking Crew (Facebook Page).