Description of SHELL Membership

A short description for people who might want to join our community center as a Member.
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Description of SHELL Membership

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Please Join our Open, Welcoming, Activity-filled Seacoast Liberty Community Clubhouse

We're are renting a space for a liberty clubhouse. And you can join us.

Our liberty community center will be open, welcoming, inclusive, and active liberty clubhouse for all liberty lovers around the Seacoast region.

We rented a small (e.g., 1200 sqft), rough location as our first location, with a monthly-only lease, starting on November 1st.

This is not our final location; just a first step, a place where we can bring together all those who desire a welcoming Seacoast community, to explore everyone's ideas of what such a space might look like and what it can provide to all of us, and to plan together our next step. We are hereby planting our flag to create "Seacoast Harbors Every Liberty Lover" (SHELL).

We are looking to keep the space open regular hours, for it to be filled with welcoming members, and for it to offer interesting, diverse activities each day. We'd love for members to regularly drop by, to bring guests, to organize events, and to enjoy both the various planned and serendipitous activities that members will create together. We look to interface with all the liberty organizations in the state, and even outside the state.

Some ideas that have excited us include philosophy movie night, popular movie night, open-house hang, theme dance, quiet co-working hours, game night, poker night, fight viewing night, speaker events, debate night, personal growth night, yoga practice, judo night, liberty discussion group, music playing night, New Mover's potluck, regional night (e.g., mixer with Quill), beer connoisseur night, art night, a small play rehearsal and performance.

You may be the type of person who can help us create such a welcoming space for liberty lovers -- a real community home on the seacoast for Free Staters to enjoy one another's camaraderie and to share our love of liberty. Can you help us create that for yourself and for others?

We invite you to join us to build this welcoming, active, and inclusive community for all Seacoast liberty lovers.

Please become a Full Member of The Shell.



We have a skeleton organizational structure for the first three months, which is flat hierarchically. A three month management committee has been selected by Members to coordinate Members building up various areas. After the first three months, Voting Members will then vote on a more permanent structure that they have decided they want.

The Full Membership fee for the first two month is $65/month. Our long-term aspirational price is $50. We hope to quickly bring in more members -- and we think we will, and thus the price will be decreasing as our membership increases. (A 50% discounted Spousal rate is available, and an Associate level ($25 off) is available to Quill and out-of-staters.)

We'd like you to help us start up and warm up the space, to exercise it as well as we can, to come to events that Members offer, to drop in from time to time to keep the space alive, to consider holding an event yourself in the space, to be one of the people who welcomes when folks arrive, to bring guests, to invite people you like to join, and to fill the space with friendship, support, ideas, encouragement, wisdom, fun, and laughter.

And then, in month three, to be one of the people who sets our direction for the next year.

Contact Dennis Pratt 781-413-6014 or Stephen Nass 608-444-5896 if you are interested.

Please see our video

And the type of schedule we'd love to be creating: (This is aspirational, and we'd love you to be offering something on the schedule:
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