Wed Mar 3 @ 7-9:30P Communicating Liberty on Principle

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Wed Mar 3 @ 7-9:30P Communicating Liberty on Principle

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Wed Mar 3 @ 7-9:30P
Communicating Liberty on Principle
[The SHELL, Rollinsford]

What is the most effective way to communicate liberty to non-liberty folks? Do we hold out our principles of self-ownership and implications thereof -- which might well scare muggles -- or do we appear ""reasonable"" and ""pragmatic"", suggesting incremental policies for consequential reasons?

Ben Richards will open up our far-ranging discussion by offering the case for a principled approach, but don't think that will be the only opinion offered! Come and offer yours.

Details: The year 2020 was yet another opportunity squandered by the liberty movement. Instead of beating the drum for liberty in a year during which authoritarians eviscerated liberty on multiple fronts, many national liberty leaders waffled, hid, and pandered, attempting to appease various authoritarian groups and trying to appear pragmatic,“reasonable”, and largely on-board with their agendas -- with some minor tweaks required.

At the end of the debacle that was 2020, podcaster Dave Smith (“Part of the Problem Podcast”) urged liberty lovers to consistently convey a principled message by emphasizing six major platform elements:

1) End Lock Downs: End house imprisonment and small business destruction immediately. Open the economy up completely.
2) End Mass Murder: End all foreign wars.
3) End Corportism: End all corporate bailouts and corporate welfare
4) End Money Monopoly: End/Audit the Fed
5) Permit Self-Defense: Support the right of every citizen to protect himself against violent aggressors -- whether thugs, rioters, or police
6) Fight the Cathedral: The unholy alliance between the Deep State, Corporate Media, and Universities

(To read a fuller discussion of these points, Peter Quinones’ articles outline the points:
1-3: ... 021-part-1
4-6: ... 21-part-2/)

Benjamin Richards the NH State Coordinator of the Mises Caucus will present the case for communicating liberty on principle. We will then break into groups to discuss pros and cons of this approach, along with the various elements of the platform. We will then return to comment, to ask questions, and to discuss with Ben the ideas coming out of our groups.

Minarchists and AnCaps, pragmatists and ethicists, Libertarians, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents are all welcome to join this open and far ranging discussion.

BYOB -- for drinks and robust iscussions afterwards.

  • Address:
    The SHELL, Rollinsford
    Lower Mills at Salmon Falls, Room B10
    Three Front Street
    Please look at this special map. The mill houses 100 artists, so GPS will not get you all the way to your destination. Open this map:
  • Take: Something to write on; Something to take and/or eat
  • Donation: Not required, but a minimum suggested donation of $5 from non SHELL members helps keep the lights on at The SHELL ;
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  • Host: Dennis Pratt & Ben Richards
  • More Info: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=158
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