Wed Jun 2 @ 7-9:30P End Your Life in Liberty [The SHELL, Rollinsford]

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Wed Jun 2 @ 7-9:30P End Your Life in Liberty [The SHELL, Rollinsford]

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Wed Jun 2 @ 7-9:30P
End Your Life in Liberty
[The SHELL, Rollinsford]

""Big Liberty Ideas"" series tackles End Of Life. End-of-life includes pain management, refusal of care, removal of equipment, ability of family members to decide for you, options for ending one's own life, and it intersects with politics, with legislation, with ethics, with social norms, and with communication.

Who owns you? Who gets to make the decisions for your body? Does this change when you are aged and infirmed and at your most vulnerable? By what right would anyone get to overrule your decisions around your end-of-life? And how much should you be prevented from helping a loved one, versus forced to watch them be tortured?

Details: Libertarian ethics starts with self-ownership -- that you are the full and exclusive owner of your own body. But the state disagrees and through its laws acts as though they own your body. This disagreement over who owns you can be seen starkly at your end of life, sometimes causing severe anguish, pain, economic devastation, and unnecessary trauma.

Which pain and life-ending measures should the state withhold from you? How much additional pain must you endure? How much shame and indignity? How much burden must you be for, and leave with, your loved ones? How many procedures and inspections must you go through in order to beg your masters for what should be your most basic human right? And who are these people who will decide -- instead of you -- when enough is enough? Does it make sense to you that some bureaucrat or politician decides your end-of-life? And what might be the implications for your loved ones if they listen to you and not to those who would enslave you?

Dennis Pratt, #1 writer on Quora on libertarianism (primarily ethics), will discuss the ethical struggle behind end-of-life restrictions of your options, and we will have at least one guest from the New Hampshire Alliance for End of Life Options who will discuss the implications of existing authoritarian ethical violations for her family. As usual, we will break into small groups to talk more intimately about your own choices and concerns, and come back together to share with the group major takeaways from the small groups re: these end-of-life issues that all of us face, sooner or later, for ourselves and/or our loved ones.
  • Address:
    The SHELL, Rollinsford
    Lower Mills at Salmon Falls, Room B10
    Three Front Street
    Please look at this special map. The mill houses 100 artists, so GPS will not get you all the way to your destination. Open this map:
  • Take: Please consider filling out a short questionnaire before the meeting about the areas you are most concerned regarding end-of-life. Bring your thoughts about the most critical areas for you to the meeting.
  • Donation: Not required, but a minimum suggested donation of $5 from non SHELL members helps keep the lights on at The SHELL ;
  • RSVP: Preferred: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=164
  • Host: Dennis, New Hampshire Alliance of End of Life Options
  • More Info: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=164
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