CXLD!! -- Sat May 29 @ 7-9P Dover Dock at Sunset [Dennis and Carol's home, Dover]

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CXLD!! -- Sat May 29 @ 7-9P Dover Dock at Sunset [Dennis and Carol's home, Dover]

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CANCELED Dover Docks at Sunset CANCELED

The forecast is for rain to continue until at least 5P, cold (<50 degrees) with 15 mph winds, and cloudy. While we hate to do this (especially given how wrong weather forecaster are), we are canceling Dover Dock at Sunset for Sat May29 @7-9.

Please enjoy your dinner in Dover and then grab a beverage of your choice to share, and head right over to The SHELL for post dinner socializing and Open Mic Night.


If no rain, eat dinner early and come to our home in Dover, for after dinner snacks, drink wine and cordials, talk liberty, and watch a glorious sunset above the dock and the horseshoe mating ritual under the dock (hundreds of horseshoe crabs will be there for their annual mating at that full moon high tide!) Then we'll go over to The SHELL.
. . . If rain, please head directly over to The SHELL after a more leisurely dinner in Dover.

Details: New Hampshire has the beauty of ocean and mountains, quaint towns and farmland. Tonight experience the beauty of one of the largest estuaries in these United States. On this night, high tide is at 6P, so the 6.5 foot tide will be exiting as the sun sets at 8:15, often providing glorious refractions for a half hour or more.
. . . Under the dock will be hundreds of horseshoe crabs, the smaller males mounting the larger female, in their annual mating which occurs only during this full moon cycle.
. . . Eat your dinner early and then come to the Dover docks for sunset!
. . . We'll gather on the riverside, enjoying your after-dinner snacks, wine and cordials. And then, as the sun sets, we'll share our drinks and our thoughts of the future.
. . . In case of rain, please head directly over to The SHELL for pre-party of Open Mic.
  • Address:
    Dennis and Carol's home, Dover
    43 Clearwater Drive
  • Take:
  • Donation: $10/person covers cost of materials. ;)
  • RSVP: Preferred:
  • Host: Dennis & Carol
  • More Info: Forum: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=172
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